Monday, February 6, 2012

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

No, that's not my bed.

When you have so many projects on the list, and a money tree is not growing in the back yard, it can be tough to determine where to start. Where will you see the benefit of your efforts? We are saving most of our bedroom projects until the downstairs ones are completed, because really, who's coming over and spending time in our bedrooms? No one. However, a girl wants what she wants and this girl wanted a metal bed.

We have a king size mattress but we had yet to agree on a headboard and footboard that would compliment the rest of the matching bedroom furniture (we moved up from a queen that was part of a set). I didn't want to look for a matching king set, but rather something that was different but would still coordinate.

Ah-ha, how about a metal bed? Wrought iron maybe? I love a timeless look, and it was a great idea in theory, which fell apart when we started pricing these lovely beds. Since we were not spending thousands of dollars on a head and foot board, we gave Craigslist a try...and got lucky. Got the head and foot board you see above for $60, and lived to tell about it. Much like our last Craigslist experience, we were in luck. I really should upload a photo of our bed all set up, but frankly, I'm too lazy to go make the bed, get the photos, download, etc. right now. So you get the ugly bedding above, but the frame really is lovely. The bonus for us was while we were furniture shopping for Fudge's room, we came across the exact same head and foot board for...wait for it...over $800. WIN!

Small investment, big difference in giving us a lovely looking master bedroom.

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