Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The Random Edition

Still crazy busy around here...I don't know if I am coming or going and the house is a mess! Oh well, here it is...

The new deck is just about finished (LOVE IT!) to stain and seal it...and get some furniture for it. Windows should be in the next few weeks, so The Money Pit is looking better, but still has many more projects to go. Too bad my budget doesns't align with all of the project needs, but good thing we like the house and the neighborhood, because we'll be here a long time at this rate.

C finished Kindergarten yesterday and I don't know what it more bittersweet: watching him go off to school the first day, or having him come home yesterday to tell me he is now a 1st grader.

I've not printed photos since C was 9 months old...I am going to a crop see my dilemma. Goal is to have 5th birthday trip to Disney completed tonight. 332 of 800+ photos selected and printing off at the lab now. God help me!

When you explode Red Curry Panang Tuna in the microwave, it takes a LONG time to clean up.

Still feels like I am never going to catch up with this house...between the projects and the clutter it's a complete time suck and that's the one thing I always seem to be short of: TIME! That's my big frustration these days.

2 months until Aruba!