Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When the Bough Breaks

You know there is a difference in you child's cries- the I'm-really-hurt-and-going-to-make-you-panic-cry versus the I'll-get-over-it cry. We had the former this afternoon, that which makes even the toughest mama's stomach drop and panic rise. Before I get to that, let me give some background.

We have a frequent flyer pass with our local ER and the annual Thanksgiving tradition here isn't just the turkey, Macy's parade, and football. Historically the holiday has included an ER visit for C...EVERY year. And JUST TODAY a colleague asked me about this tradition and I responded that I hope we break that one tradition this year, and just enjoy our time in Hilton Head. Well, we hope we broke the tradition and that our ER visit this evening takes the place of a Thanksgiving visit.

My boy must be part monkey; he cannot be outside without climbing a tree. As much as we say "that's dangerous" and "get down" the result is temporary. C will get down for that moment, but once your back is turned, he's at it again. As a mom, I am torn- aren't boys supposed to be climbing trees, catching bugs, chasing frogs and the like? I think this is one lesson that teaches itself though. Frankly, I'm not even sure the result of this fall will be a permanent deterrent for the little guy who likes to do his own stunts.

So, what happened? C decided to climb a tree after school and took quite a spill. He's broken both the radius and the ulna in his left arm, has a shiner forming on his eye, and a large goose egg on his head. My mom and I both knew when we heard his cry, then saw the limp arm, that we were headed to the ER immediately...and C wailed and wailed, which indicated even more that something was seriously wrong. C is finally resting (thank you Tylenol with codeine) with a splint and sling and we're visiting the orthopaedic surgeon in the morning.

Once we returned from the ER my mom and I visited the "scene of the crime" and realized how blessed we are that this was not even more serious than it already is. From where the branch broke and landed, it appears that C was at least 10 feet up in the tree...that sits between our stone driveway, stone walkway, and construction fencing (ditch work being done). There was also a metal landscaping light right there. We are so blessed that C did not hit the stone, the light, the fencing, the car- it's amazing he hit the patch of ground and nothing else, and for that, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. The branch is strewn all over the stone and I'm just so thankful we didn't have a compound fracture or more serious injuries.

I told my mom that I just don't know that my heart will ever be strong enough as boyhood marches on and leaves its nicks, scrapes, and ER visits. Tomorrow we'll meet with the orthopaedic surgeon to learn more, but for now, I'm just thankful my little snuggle bug is nestled in and feeling some pain relief. Thank God it wasn't worse than this!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Tonight's dinner is curry and coconut chicken with rice and Tuscan melon. My son thinks I am out to get him; I think I may be the only one enjoying this dinner, with a glass of wine of course.

Christmas is 47 days away and I already feel "behind."

Vacationing for Thanksgiving is a nice idea, but after cooking a Sunday dinner last night, I called it quits. Actually, I called Fresh Market, and since they are on island, they will be catering my TG dinner.

A split vacation is a concept we are going to test out this year- we'll enjoy 1/2 a week of just me, hubs, and C prior to family chaos arriving and ensuing.

I am packing wine for the trip- lots of it. And my bike. However, I will not be drinking wine on the bike.

During a rousing game of Candyland tonight, my son yells out "AW- THAT SUCKS." Not a proud moment around here, not a word we use. Couldn't get from him where he'd heard that, but I guess it resonated that we don't say it when C asked, "so, is it bad like 'shit'?" Mother.of.the.Year.

I am hosting a baby shower in less than a month- really need to get this place cleaned up and ready to entertain...and the invitations out!

Hoping to get rid of this underlying feeling of intense stress right now!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers...the ON TIME Edition!

Hello Friday...where have you been when I needed you earlier in the week? Busy, busy week here, but lots of good stuff going on:
  • I think my homemade mummy costume turned out pretty darn fantastic for an investment of $6 and 4 hours, plus a few glue sticks.

  • Spent the week in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC- a lot of great work was accomplished, I enjoyed seeing old and new colleagues, and I had the chance to catch up with some dear friends...a successful week in my book, both professionally and personally.

  • Now that C is a little older, I love being able to volunteer again, and that I can combine it with my passion for education and investing in our children. My "clients" every Friday afternoon are a group of awesome 5 year olds.

  • We are leaving for Hilton Head Island in two weeks and my son took it upon himself to pack his suitcase. Excited much?

  • I'm looking forward to a low-key and unplanned weekend...might even finish up the bathroom re-do and will be happy to check that off the list.

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