Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

At prayer time tonight:

C: "Mama, I really wish you had a baby sister in your belly."

Me: "Me too C, me too..."

C: "I'd even give her the really big room."

C: " Mom, guess how many days it took God to build the world? Six, it took Him six. And on the 7th day, He took a break!"

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Totally in Love

So many updates I need to post, but I'm wiped out from work right now. In the interim, a fun little post about our recent "loves."

1. Jumanji- Somehow, somewhere, C found a DVD around the house of this movie, from 1995! I think this could be somewhat overwhelming for some kids, but C has a great sense of reality versus fantasy. He's totally engrossed in this movie and watches it everyday in the car.

2. Heirloom Tomatoes- I am growing a few plants from seed, but have purchased a few locally and love the green striped ones that are crimson red, almost purple, on the inside. Yum!

3. Starbucks- Yes, I'm back to my love affair with the corporate whore of coffee on every corner. However, my wallet cannot keep up with her expensive fees, nor my body with her massive calories! Still, a White Chocolate Mocha is such a treat.

4. The Magic Treehouse Book Series- by Mary Pope Osborne. We are currently reading book #10, about the wild west and a ghost town.

5. C Reading to Us- This is such a joy and our little reader is really taking off. His favorite one to read right now? Hop on Pop!

6. Hydrangeas- just picked up some "Forever Summer" and cannot wait to plant them this weekend.

7. The Book of Nehemiah- As our church is in a three year building campaign, our current worship series is "If These Walls Could Talk." I never used to find the OT interesting, but this book has really touched me to see how these faithful worked and perservered to rebuild, while opposed from all directions and the enemy infiltrating. Our pastor has a gifted way of bringing it to life, like reading a Hollywood script!

8. Flip Flops- I tend to wear them year 'round, but I'm so thrilled to have my perfectly pedicured tootsies exposed without looking like a crazy lady. Barefoot summers rule, but flip flops are great for those "shoes required" occasions.

9. Monkeying Around- monkey bars forward, backward, upside down, pullups, giving Mama a near heart attack with all of the climbing up high...C does it all.

10. Jersey Days- I have to call these Jersey days because growing up in NJ, we had those perfect days, even in summer: 75 degrees, full sun, low humidity, a light breeze, and wonderful scents from my Nana's garden. Ah, how I love and miss that weather, but every now and then, we get similar weather and I tell M, "YEAH! IT'S A JERSEY DAY!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day... one of the toughest days of the year for me. It's bittersweet; I'm so very blessed and thankful to be C's mom and on the other hand, I feel so empty that we continue to struggle with infertility. I always imagined myself with at least two or three kiddos, so the picture to me is still incomplete, and as C gets older, it's a painful reminder that the bonds of a sibling are not there to be shared.

The day always has a rough start too; it's baby dedication day at our church. This morning over 50 families lined up to have their young children dedicated and it just became too much. As a side note, what is it with Baptists having a lot of kids? Biblically, I know it is a blessing, so then I think "what am I doing wrong? Why are we not blessed in this way?" By the time they prayed over the families who struggle with infertility, I had hot tears streaming down my cheeks. Historically, Mother's Day has not usually been a good one around here- something usually goes very wrong. Like the year we spent the day putting together a swingset with the wrong parts, the wrong holes, etc.

Of course I don't want it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but this one saw me taking a nice spill on my bike, which I have not done in years! At almost 35, the "after" hurts alot more, I'm sure of that! I have a large black bruise on the back of my thigh, another on my knee, and yet another on my shoulder. We hosted my family for dinner, so I ended up doing a lot of prep work, etc. I told M, next year, can we please just take C and go away for the night and do something FUN on Mother's Day. Our bike ride was supposed to be the "fun" today, but that did not happen.

While you celebrate Mother's Day, don't forget those who are praying to be blessed by a child as well.