Thursday, February 9, 2012

Barrett's Esophagus- We Like GOOD News

The Hubs recently went in for Barrett's surgery #8...or is it #9? Really, we've both lost count. We actually had a really smooth day at the hospital- no waiting like usual and the nurse I think is fantastic was there watching out for us. Even traffic was good! It's like everything was smiling down us until the Hubs came out of surgery and we learned two unexpected growths were found and removed for pathology.

Well, the fantastic news came today- NED (no evidence of disease/cancer). That's always great news! We are so thankful. Additionally, the Hubs went from a diagnosis of high dysplasia down to no dysplasia (also a really good thing). The Barrett's is still present and there's still the diagnosis of carcinoma in situ, but this is some of the best Barrett's news we've heard to date. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support.

The next step is the Hubs gets to let 5 whole months pass until his next surgery! That may not sound too exciting, but when you are on a 6-8 week rotation, 5 months is golden.

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