Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

C was asking about someone this morning, but he was a little confused with the cast of characters we all know. I wasn't quite sure who he was asking me about and he did not know the woman's name, so he finally said...

"You know, the woman who kind of has the Frankenstein head!"

And while I hate to admit it and I'd never made THAT connection before, I knew exactly who he was talking about once he phrased it that way. Gotta love how kids see the world!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Star Student

C is "star student" in his class next week, so his homework this weekend was to complete a poster about himself, answering the questions provided. I just loved his responses and wanted to capture them:

My Favorite...
Ice Cream: cookie dough
Color: red

Book: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Sport: Baseball

Toy: Dragon Castle

Holiday: Christmas

TV Show: Caillou

Movie: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Food: Candy

Pet: Dog

School Subject: Recess

Ice Cream: Cookie Dough

Pizza Topping: Cheese

I am happiest when..."on vacation." (I have no idea where he gets this from ;)

My proudest accomplishment..."making baskets in basketball."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The Midnight Version

  • IT'S FRIDAY!!! Cannot wait to put this work week behind me.

  • Again, how is C almost 6? The past six years have gone by at warp speed.

  • The great entertainment in our house right now is that we are dog sitting...not just any dog, but a dog that is smaller than my cat. A shi-poo named Coco that maybe weighs all of a pound or two, that the Shep thinks is prey to chase...more interesting to his prey drive than the cat. And I'm just praying it's a very uneventful weekend with three dogs and one cranky old cat who does not appreciate the intruder.

  • C's birthday present is arriving within the next week- a swing set. Really, a beast of a swing set- one that even I can swing on, 6 foot rock wall, fort, enclosed slide. Thank goodness for end of season clearance sales and friends to enjoy it with- the backyard renovation continues, slowly but surely. Now, where to put that zip line? And any bets on our next ER visit?

  • I am still volunteering in the classroom on Friday afternoons, and I just love it. These kids crack me up and it's sweet to see at this age they are all friends and enjoy each others' company.

  • There is a beautiful and fragrant blue hyacinth blooming on my kitchen table and overruling the funky dog smell (despite a bath, Marley still smells like something dead).

  • I'm too exhausted to blog tonight, as evidenced by this post.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Found out today I'm being asked to take on some new work...which is like another FT job in itself...and "no" isn't an option

New work will require travel...every week in March

The little man is getting ready to turn six. SIX!? Where did six years go so quickly?

The little dog smells...terrible. What dead thing did she find to roll in? Despite a bath, she still reeks of decayed organic matter.

Surprising the little man with a trip to NJ...if there isn't Snowmageddon in the forecast.

Finally had time to clean up the blog...happy with the result.

My name is Jeni...and I'm addicted to pomegranates.

I've lost just shy of 7 pounds over the past month.

We made spring break plans, booked one of our favorite places in FL, and the hubs' boss came back and said the hubs can't have that week off. No words fit to print re: that one.