Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kids Bedroom Organization

Day 5...maximizing on a small space! We love our neighborhood but sometimes we have the wish-we-would-have-kept-our-townhouse blues. It's not that we really want to live there now- our house and neighborhood are perfect for Fudge, but we miss having a more modern, open and airy floorplan. Our 32 year old home is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and full of love and laughter, in an outstanding community. However, that cute little room with the dormer window that made a perfect nursery and toddler room is too small to be a bedroom for Fudge. So, we ditched the guest room about 3 years ago and moved him to the larger room. Our master bedroom and the bonus room are both large, but the other two bedrooms are small. Fudge's current room is about 10x10, but I'm not ready to let him move up to the 20x20 bonus room. He has a full-size bed crammed in his room, nursery dresser, nightstand, desk, and 9-cube's a tight squeeze . and he needs to upgrade to more than a small, 3-drawer dresser. Ever since the kid turned 5, he's been begging for bunkbeds. Now, for those of you who know Fudge, this request conjurs images of a kid jumping from the top bunk to see how far he can fly, or if he could spin from a ceiling fan- you get the picture.

The request hasn't let up and has only worsened since he's turning 7 this month. Here's the deal- the Hubs is rightfully afraid Fudge is going to fall or fly from the top bunk and break something while I dread moving back to a twin bed...only to have him ask for larger furniture as he grows. We realized we have a very specific need- a mid-height, full size matress loft bed with coordinating furniture that will grow with Fudge and will fit this small space. I tell you what, I should have just waved a magic wand with that impossible request, but lo and behold, there is a company that can deliver on this request! You can nest the furniture underneath, or pull it out and make room for a fort underneath the bed- score! I like that as your child grows, you can even convert this to a high loft. Who knows, the kiddo could take this to college someday. I wish the price tag wasn't so steep, but when you break it down (the geek in me calls this cost-per-use ratio) it's a nominal spend if averaged annually.

After church tomorrow we're driving an hour to the one furniture dealer in our end of the state that carries this line to check it out, but don't tell's our little surprise. Oh, the brand is Maxtrix.

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