Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The What Day Is It? Edition

M had a very successful Barrett's surgery last week, despite some initial confusion and a loud argument between the docs in the OR. Teaching hospitals...gotta love 'em.

Work has be cuh-razy. It feels like I just packed a month into a week. But there was one nice perk last week while I was traveling- staying at the Ritz Carlton. The impeccable room service, the garden tub, the television embedded in the bathroom mirror. Aaahhh!

Sunday night I got this lump in my throat, out of nowhere. By Monday, I looked like I had a huge Adam's apple and resembled a drag queen. Ever the procrastinator, I went to the doc on Thursday. After a rapid strep test, nasal flu swab, two tubes of blood, and two neck x-rays, I was sent home with two Rxs to treat both a sinus infection (I suspected) and "cervical adenitis"- the fancy way to say I somehow got a bacterial infection of the lymph nodes. Who knew? So, my body is fighting something off and let's hope it resolves quickly, because this tennis ball in my throat isn't really working for me.

I've lost 4.4 pounds so far...slow, but steady I guess.

The little man continues to be such a source of joy. We are taking the training wheels off his bike, after his basketball game tomorrow, and I know he's going to do great.

I spent $14 on a label maker today. My husband is afraid to go to sleep, wondering what all I will label as he slumbers (insert evil laugh here).

Totally in love with pomegranates- used up four of them this week, and the scent of Meyer's sweet lemons. I have some in the kitchen and I swear I walk in there just to smell them.

Where can I find a cute little chalkboard for my kitchen, without a hefty pricetag (read, Pottery Barn)? Even Wal-Mart didn't have them. Don't kids use chalk and boards anymore?

Reading a book I picked up at the airport: The Naked Gospel. Interesting look at misconceptions we have about the Bible, that continue to be perpetuated secularly or in the church itself. Just read The Five People You Meet in Heaven, while at the doc yesterday. Good read.

Monday, January 3, 2011

It has been glorious being off work for over two weeks and celebrating Christmas with family and friends...if only it could last all year long. Sugar daddy, anyone? Seriously, it made me wish I had the ability to be a SAHM, not at the corporate grind daily. I loved waking up and not having a slew of conference calls, reports, spreadsheets, "fire drills" and the like. My challenges were not how to solve for complex resourcing needs or professional development, but Legos or Parcheesi? Play-Doh or snowball fight? Broccoli or green beans? I loved it! I even managed to get some cleaning and organizing done, which never happens with working 45+ hours per week, plus being a mom on top of that. Even our NYC trip being cancelled due to snow was a blessing in disguise. C and I rarely have time to just "be." We had an entire unplanned week together that we just allowed to spontaneously evolve- how refreshing. I must disclose that as stressful as my career is, and all you need to do is watch the evening news re: financial institutions, I am thankful to be employed, and I am thankful to work for a company that provides me the privilege of working from home and keeping a flexible schedule.

I'd love to post more photos, but we currently have the issue of a bum PC, so who knows when I'll have more photos to post. In the meantime, you can see our 16" of snow- a true white Christmas!