Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • We're not really cold cereal eaters around here, except for some Kashi every now and then. The ONE big exception we make is Fudge can indulge in Fruit Loops when on vacation and I love Boo-Berry cereal at Halloween. And, guess who didn't look into getting any a month ago? That's right, me. Cannot find a box of it anywhere, but stores are overflowing with Christmas items. Seriously, can we enjoy one holiday at a time please?

  • I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, and while there is so much to be done to get the house in proper order (yikes), I am THRILLED to be hosting and that we also have family from out of town joining us. Seriously warms my heart!

  • I'm behind in my master plan of holiday prep (ba-wa-ha-ha), but I will catch up...right?

  • This is going to be one busy weekend, between everything to be done here and needing to get photos edited and printed for a crop next weekend. So excited- girls' weekend at the beach to catch up on some albums with some great women.

  • Anyone else out there hooked on the new show Revenge?

  • I was recently asked during a conference call what's the one kitchen item I could not live without. It was a tie for me, between the Pampered Chef garlic press and my Keurig.

  • I've previously stated that I may need to turn in my Yankee greens and buttermilk fried chicken and all that. (Note: I do, however, love my home state of New Jersey.) Today may have been the tipping point...I was at a very crowded store and of course, someone left his/her cart blocking an aisle...and no one was around to claim it. Seriously, not in sight! And you know, nothing stands between me and my K-cups, so I move the cart all of 2 feet so I could get to the coffee. This older woman comes flying around an endcap hollering "THAT'S MY CART!" (um, hello, chillax) with the most annoying New York/Long Island accent, while gabbing on her cell phone LOUDLY the whole time as well. After politely telling her I didn't want her cart, I wanted to get some coffee she repeated "WELL THAT'S MY CART." And you know by this point I wanted to say, "then move it out of the aisle b****" but I just smiled sweetly and said, "and it's all yours" and walked away. But I have to admit, as I was walking away, I couldn't help but think "why can't all of these annoying New Yorkers pick another place to retire? Damn annoying Yankees with their ignorant New York accents." And for my Massachussets friends, the letter R is, indeed, still a functioning member of the alphabet.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The Longest Week

Hellllooooo Friday! Getcha some leftovers here...

-Whirlwind week was full of soccer games, school volunteering, teacher conference, homework, reading, library, a corn maze, the movie COURAGEOUS (awesome, awesome, awesome- go take your man to see this!), and Robert Amaya spoke at our church on Sunday. What a full week!

-Speaking of church, one of Fudge's best little friends is Jewish (dad is a rabbi). I am thankful that though we hold different beliefs and traditions, both families are open to sharing time together when it includes their respective faith. We were honored to be included in their oldest daughter's Bat Mitzvah celebration this year, Fudge has attended synagogue picnics and tonight, Fudge will join his friend in celebrating Simchat Torah at their synagogue. Frankly, he is looking forward to lots of candy. I'm also thankful that when his friend expressed an interest in joining us for church, the family was open to that and allows him to go with us. Most of all, I am thankful that the difference in faith is not even a blip on the radar for the shares what he is learning in Hebrew while the other talks about the 12 disciples, and they like that Moses is a common guy. What really gave me a laugh recently was the heated game of dreidel they had going on the other day- who knew? I think the boys know what I wish most adults would figure out: Fudge celebrating with a friend at synagogue doesn't make him any less "Christian" and his friend worshipping with us doens't make him any less "Jewish."

-Being the voracious reader that I am, I am hoping to raise a voracious reader. My mom recently bought Fudge The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which we read in no time. Tomorrow, we are taking him to see a children's theater production of the story and we are looking forward to that. And we get to visit my alma mater, and a trip to Carl's- totally in love with my Saturday already...and still ordering what I did in college almost 20 years ago (yikes, we are getting old)- hot fudge sundae with strawberry ice cream. YUM!

-Who scored two pre-sale tickets to Cirque Holidaze? THIS GIRL! Balcony box seats for me and Fudge to kick of the holidays. Sad to say, theater tickets are so expensive that the hubs and I usually split who takes Fudge to see what. Hubs got to take him to The Lion King last year, so I get Cirque. Sssshhh- don't tell hubs the boys weekend away last year was really for me to have some peace and quiet to catch up on Christmas preparations.

-Girls weekend at the beach is coming up- looking forward to the down time.

-My 15+ year old washer is just about dead...any suggestions on a replacement?

-Our parakeet, we've had for a month, is still terrified of us. Suggestions?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bedtime Talk

Halloween 2008

Age 3

I've found with Fudge that he asks the most profound questions of the day once it is over and he is snuggling into bed at night...maybe he is a "processor" like his Mama. The past few nights the questions have given me a giggle...

"Mom, why do rappers wear their drippy drawers so low that you can see their hiney cracks?" (No idea my child even knew what a "rapper" is, and he couldn't answer that question for me, except to tell me our neighbor thinks he can rap and "no, really, he can't.")

After reading a bedtime devotion on the creation of Adam and Eve: "Oh, I get it...when you see someone who doesn't have a full body part, like some people are missing an arm, it's still stuck in their rib, right? Can they just pull it out of their rib?"

And finally, last night's chuckle came from me reading Cinderella to Fudge at bedtime. When I got to the part of the Fairy Grandmother, I asked Fudge if he remembered what she says, to which he replied, "BOOGEDY, BOOGEDY, BOO!"

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers...The Grumpy Edition

  • I am grumped much as when I was on fertility drugs (explain that one to me). I need this grumpiness to go away, because frankly, it's pissing me off!

  • Fudge has not missed the bus since I charged him $5 to play taxi. Hmmm...maybe that worked?

  • Soccer, we live at the soccer field these days...three days a week. But I love wathcing Fudge running up and down the field and having a great time.

  • Did I mentioned we got a bird? I caved and let Fudge get a parakeet three weeks ago. It seems sweet, but I am afraid it's going to bite me. Oh, his name is Sir Washington.

  • The school situation is still a mess due to construction delays, so Fudge is one of six classrooms in the gym, or as our neighbor likes to call it: "refugee camp."

  • We are decorating for Halloween this weekend. Finally, because in my book, we are a week late.

  • I have Monday off while the hubs has to work and Fudge has school. So, as much as I "should" be doing something around here, I am giving myself the gift of peace, quiet, a good book, a soft blanket on the couch, and maybe even a nap. Go me!