Friday, May 4, 2012

FNL- The Let's Dance Edition

Holy confusion Blogger- what happened to my dashboard? Why won't you function properly on my laptop? Since I'm now attempting this from my iPad, I don't have the Friday Night Leftovers image, but I'll give it a go. Where the hell did the bullets function go?

  • Fudge had a birthday party to attend last night and the music was fantastic! Makes me miss the days of a wedding every weekend and some good dancing. Cupid Shuffle anyone?
  • Speaking of dancing, we had a folk dance night at Fudge's school this week, which was a great deal of fun and laughter. The next day Fudge told me he was a little disappointed: "I thought it was going to be a real dance, in the dark, with a disco ball and crazy lights, so I could show off my moves." Then he showed his moves- looked like a cross between the Elaine on Seinfeld and some odd break dancing. No lack of confidence there.
  •  I've kissed 10 pounds goodbye! The only thing I am craving? Pizza. Who would have thought?
  • I am exactly 90 days away from being on more than just a few days of island time. Ahhhh! Speaking of island time, my parents are in Hawaii and cruising for three weeks. Fudge misses Nonna & Poppy, but it's nice to recognize what a bond they have. He's counting the days until we meet them at the airport.
  • Summer camp craziness is almost settled...I'd rather run the NFL draft- that's got to be easier than the camp planning shuffle.
  • Danifred, I owe you my Disney planning spreadsheet. PM (via FB) your email and I'll send you the Excel file. Ok, off to volunteer this afternoon and more soccer this weekend. Make it a good one!