Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surviving Craigslist

I've been looking for an elliptical that wouldn't cost me a fortune, so I decided to foray into the world of Craigslist. Now that our hot and humid summers are in full effect, I wanted a low-effort way to burn calories while keeping some creature comforts, namely AC and some TV/Netflix to distract me from workout torture. To Craigslist I went and found an elliptical listed for $50- just listed, while all of the others were $150-$300.

So, I emailed the owner, got my questions answered, and we decided to meet at the owner's house early this morning. The home was a few cities over from where I live, so naturally, I told the hubs he had to come with me, and we'd drive by make sure it looked relatively safe. The whole drive to the home I'm wondering where this is, how safe is the neighborhood, etc. I felt even better when we saw one of the neighbors out doing yardwork and wearing a t-shirt from our church. Of course, I left the address with my parents, just in case I was headed to the home of Craigslist killers that were going to take us hostage. Natural fear, right?

We pull up to a home in an older, but well-kept neighborhood, and think "so far, so good" and ring the bell. And who answers the door? Not some hostage-taking, meth-making crazy, but a sweet older woman who is downsizing from a home to a condo and no longer needs the elliptical taking up space in a spare room. I think she was relieved we were fairly "normal" looking buyers too. She chuckled and told us she'd meet us in the garage, since she had "no idea who would show up" and asked her husband to lug the machine to the garage so they didn't have random people, from Craigslist, in the house.

$50 later, I am the new owner of an elliptical, the lady has one more thing cleared out of her home, I've already started burning calories and C is burning off extra energy. A win for all!

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