Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekly Schedule Frame

Day 2...see, I can do this. The poor hubs, we are always on the run and I think he was having a hard time remembering Fudge's schedule, appointments, meetings, etc. Ta-da- the weekly schedule! I placed it near the front door so it's a visual reminder of what our week looks like or what's on tap for the day. This was a cheap and easy project!

The frame was purchased for $10 at Wal-Mart (blech) and the Vis-A-Vis pens were found in their office supply department. The paper, letters, and stickers used were from my scrapbooking supplies.

- Pick a frame set (brown or black)- yes, they come attached like that.

- Pick your papers.

- Pick your embellishments.

- Pop open the frames, cut to fit, insert, replace frame backs, and you are DONE!

- Go hang it on your wall and marvel at your masterpiece.

The hardest part? Selecting paper, letters, and embellishments you like. Mine does not match our decor, but it's whimsical, has bright colors, and I have a few owl stickers in there, so it's staying. If anything, it brightens the hallway.

The Vis-A-Vis markers are wet erase and wipe clean with a little water on a paper towel. I love that it is bolder than dry erase markers.O k, your turn...go get your week organized, and link back if you give this a try!

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  1. This is awesome! I love the idea for the kids to have their own visual schedule.