Saturday, July 3, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish

I awoke mistakenly thinking we were headed to the beach early this morning...but we overslept (RARE with C) and couldn't find his water shoes (still needed to protect the injured toe). The little man evidently had other plans anyway, and scoffed at the beach idea. He did, however, think it was a perfect day to go fishing. Not wanting to be bothered with crowds locally, we took friends up on an offer to use their pier to see what we could catch. Turns out it would have been a poor beach day anyway; jellyfish were everywhere. Some highlights of our big catch below...

Getting the equipment ready

Caught a Croaker

Giant Blue Crab

Chicken on a string was all we needed to bring in 15-20 Blue Crabs


Little Fisherman

Small Croaker


  1. Yay croaker! So difficult to remove the bones but still a tasty fish! Pound for pound, they are a really feisty fish, glad C had a great time (that's what counts!).

  2. I want some blue crabs :) Jealous. I miss the days we lived in Camp Lejeune and could take some chicken and string down to the pier at the end of the block and catch them. Good times! Fishing is in our near future, too. The kids just got their first poles and can't wait to try them out. The casting in the living room needs to stop :)