Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Cleaning out the mental to follow sometime.

1. A week at Safety Town wrapped up today and I am so impressed with the program our local fire and police put on with these kids. C can tell you what to do in many different types of emergencies. However, he's now like a hall monitor around here. Remember those annoying kids? Seriously, I'm glad the safety is important to him. I've already heard where I need more smoke alarms and he placed an "X" on many items under the kitchen sink that he should not touch. Yeah Safety Town! Plus he looks so cute in his firefighter t-shirt, badge, and hat.

2. 7 days until vacation. Am I ready? Not even close. STRESS!

3. Two great aunties I've not seen in over 20 years came by for a visit; it was so nice to hear family stories since my grandfather passed away in 1995 and I've not heard some of these stories. Along those lines, my cousin and her extended family came to visit and we all had a blast catching up with one another.

4. C has his 1st ear infection since getting his 2nd set of tubes. Nothing like yellow goo oozing out of your kid's ear.

5. Did I mention 7 days until vacation?

6. Thanks to my crazy stylist, C is sporting a blue mohawk as of this afternoon. No, it's not permanent, but he sure wishes it were.

7. I think maturity sneaks up on you in devious ways. I now have a mechanic. I used to think that was something old folks had. And to make it worse, I have a mechanic that is 11 years younger than me. Something seems off about that- when did I get older than my mechanic, my stylist, etc.? At least I still have the crotchety good old boy that renovated the kitchen!

8. It's hotter than Lucifer's crotch out there; I'm rethinking my notion that global warming is a bunch of crap.

9. My normally sweet and sane child just threw an all out hissy fit screaming "I WANNA WATCH BARNEY"...complete with jumping and flailing. Wow- I don't think he's ever done that before. Chalking that one up to heat, ear, and lack of sleep last night.

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  1. I LOVE that you did this! :)
    When I think of C walking around your house doing all his newly learned safety patroling, I can't help but think of Disney's Lou and Lou Safety Patrol (that IS what they are called, right?)