Friday, July 16, 2010

Organized Travel for Mamas

We love to travel- it's an addiction around here. If a month or two has passed without an adventure on the calendar, I get antsy; insatiable wanderlust is here to stay. While preparing for an upcoming vacation, I knew I needed a couple of things to get us organized in that why-can't-I-find-that-in-the-bottom-of-my-bag type of way. Now let's hope these arrive before we depart on our next adventure!

1. C's Dopp Kit
With the little man so independent these days, I wanted a way to keep all of his toiletries together so he can go straight to his bag when needed, and voila, all he needs in the bathroom is in one place. It also needs to travel well and keep spills from leaking onto other items in his suitcase. We had to retire his last kit as it received so much use that it recently went to shreds. Finally, I wanted something I could use for swim lessons, when not in use as a dopp kit. And after recently reading that vinyl lining contains high levels of lead, it had to be lined in something else and able to be thrown in the wash. I had a hard time finding exactly what I was looking for until I went to Etsy. Check out this find (9''x11") by monkeyfootdesigns:

2. The Ouch Pouch
What a great concept! I usually throw some band-aids, Neo to go, and other small first aid items in a plastic sandwich bag, but the bag ends up beat up in our backpack we use on day trips, around amusement parks, etc. and the contents spill. These come in various sizes, starting at 4"x5" and various patterns, including "kid patterns" and "mom patterns." Kudos to PillowSewCute for this organized, adorable, low-cost solution:

3. Epi-Pen Pouch
I had no idea these pouches even existed, and frankly, there is no easy way to carry two big syringes around. Do you leave them in the box (which ends up battered and contains all of your Rx info), or take them out and know you are going to be scrounging around in a backpack or purse during an emergency if they are ever needed? Thanks to a beesting allergy, I get to carry two of these syringes with me and now I've got a practical and stylish way to do so. The pattern I ordered no longer shows online since it was sold (to me), but you get the idea from another one below, also by PillowSewCute:

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