Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful~ Day 9: Our Zoo

Today I am thankful for all of our fur babies, past and present, that have enhanced our daily lives, loved us unconditionally, and provided security and protection of our home. Our current cast of characters includes two rescued dogs, a rescued cat, and a recent addition- Sir Washington the parakeet. How could you not love these sweet faces?

Our big boy of the group, Dax, is 9 1/2 and came to us through Virginia German Shepherd Rescue. He loves having a job to do, especially watching the house. He also loves to sing- just break out a harmonica, or do some singing yourself, and he will join you.

Marley just turned 4, as best we can estimate, and came to us as Fudge's "buddy" after our sweet girl Sammy passed. Fudge named her "Marely Pumpkinhead" but my mom and I both agree she should have been called "Stinkerbell." She has been a sweet, if not crazy, dog who loves to please and loves to snuggle under covers with you. She also has a high prey drive, so moles, voles, mice, etc. are not safe anywhere in our yard.

I still miss Sascha (lived until 12) and Mitzi (lived until 23) something awful, so I hate to think about my sweet boy above aging. Salem came to us as my birthday present in 1999, born at a local marina and in need of a home. My mom has his sister, and both have been wonderful, affectionate cats. These days, our boy likes to nap and snuggle, but he will get frisky and chase something every now and then.

Sir Washington joined us at the beginning of the school year. He seems sweet enough, but he is still terrified of us. Although, I take it as a good sign that he has started to sing during the day. Our hope is to have him tamed enough to perch on a finger and calmly enjoy time outside of his cage.

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