Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Life in Pictures

We've got too much going on here right now, so I'm posting a random update via some of our latest photographs...

It's gone! Terrible face, but C was trying to show that his FIRST tooth fell out sometime in the middle of the night, January 17-18. He's still 4, but I'm reminded that his first baby tooth cut through when he was only 2 months, so while not typical, his progression is normal. You can already see the tip of the new tooth coming in!

C as Star Student at school

It's loose! The day after Christmas C started to freak out that he had a tooth wiggling (scared Mommy too), and here it is in mid-January, hanging by a thread!

Rock Star, kitchen style

The new critter adorning the fruit basket.

Making thumbprint cookies

Chef C
(yes, those are cowboy boots)

Yum! Thumbprint jam cookies

Now we know why the dog is such a spaz- sneaking Starbucks!

Ringing in the New Year

C's ginger bread house from figures the one kid who is not allowed to eat candy has the only house in the classroom that looks like a candy factory exploded!

A house fit for Hansel and Gretyl

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