Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go Out and Do Some GOOD!

Lesson learned- take the picture while it is there to take. We've had utility workers outside the past two days, digging a new gas line, complete with a backhoe parked in the yard. C thought he was in construction heaven! Unfortunately, none of us stopped to get any pics. It's been below freezing here and these guys are on the street by 7:30am and don't leave until after 4pm. Brrrr!

Yesterday I set up a tray in the driveway with a carafe of fresh coffee, with all the accompaniments, and a plate of pannettone. At the end of the day, the bread was gone and there was about 1/4 pot of coffee left. This morning, I was out of coffee, so after taking C to school, I stopped by the local gas station and purchased two 24 oz. coffees, poured those into the carafe and set up the coffee service again this morning. By mid-morning, the carafe was empty, so I refilled it. As I was leaving to volunteer in C's classroom later this morning, one of the workers stopped the backhoe, thanked me for setting up coffee for the crew and said, "Boy, that coffee this morning sure was good. It was REALLY good!" To which I replied, "WaWa!" I guess my own coffee making skills aren't so hot, especially sad since I have a Keurig! How do you screw that up? Anyway...

My point: a simple, simple act, of very little cost, goes a long way. How can you go out and do some GOOD?

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