Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sleepover Follow-Up

I've received a few questions- what did you do about the sleepover? How did things go? Hell was going to freeze over before Fudge was sleeping over; I think that much was clear. I put the hubs up to calling the parents to share that Fudge would not be able to sleep over, but he'd still like to help [name] celebrate his birthday. Per the hubs, the mom seemed a little bristly about it, but agreed.

The big day arrived (two days after the invitation was sent home) and the hubs took Fudge over to the house with strict instructions- DO NOT LEAVE HIM. The poor birthday boy- only Fudge and one other little boy showed for the party. What happened next is truth is stranger than fiction. As one of my girlfriends would say "you can't make this shit up!"

I'll leave you with the short and edited version: Fudge came home later in the evening, the hubs in tow, to tell me, "MAMA, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!" They had SNAKES, and GUNS (Airsoft rifles, per the hubs, that looked just like an assault rifle and a sniper rifle) , and LIZARDS! I looked at the hubs with the "are you kidding me look" and he just shook his head and said, "you were right." And that it was a good thing he stayed because he knew as soon as they took the first of three pythons out of a plastic container in the laundry room that the Pilot would have left track marks in the driveway.

In the spirit of really trying to be nice, and being totally speechless, I eeked out a "go wash your hands Fudge. NOW."

Oh, and I take no issue with the Airsoft rifles- we let Fudge shoot one in a very controlled environment in a riflery course at summer camp last year, but adults shooting them off in front of kids at a birthday party? I don't get it.

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