Thursday, February 28, 2013

If You're Going to Be A Bear...

That's Fudge above, at LEGO KidFest, "eating" at the Krusty Krab. MmmmmMmmm! Fast food, even with LEGO. A couple of years before I was pregnant with Fudge we moved to a more organic, less processed food approach and literally changed our selection of many of the basics we realized were not good for us environmentally, moving to an organic version- cleaners, soaps, personal care products, cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc. Ooh, about that deodorant, don't ask my friend April about our trip to FL and the only one I packed was my natural mineral salt rock. Score: Florida in August- 1, my pits -9 zillion. Ripe is the only word to describe that nastiness! After Fudge joined us, we were still consistent with our approach but I've noticed over the past year or so that we've slipped away from our roots. And my parents, well, here's how it goes down...go to Nonna's and have a cookie, have some pudding, have some BooBerry cereal. Not all on the same day necessarily, but go to Nonna and Poppy's and sneak in the crap food. Yes Mama, if you are reading this, he has crap food here at my house too. Yes, I know you fed him a chicken breast sandwich afterschool today :)

And it's right around the same time that I am thinking to myself that I have got to do something to lose this weight. I'm a go big or go home type of girl; our saying around here is "If you're going to be a bear, be a Grizzly!" Well, it's Grizzly time.

I shared with the hubs and Fudge I've been really thinking about this and I'd like for us all to recommit- and I found just the tool to do it. We're taking the 100 Days of Real Food pledge. Ok, ok, I positioned it as 100 days with Fudge and the hubs, but really, it's a permanent lifestyle change I want us to get back to. Fudge's response was "No more Trader Joe's Fiber Bars?" And the hubs response was, "can I just start it in 100 days?"

We don't have an offical start date yet; negotiating that around here takes more skill than the Treaty of Versailles, but let me just tell you what the hubs did this evening. He came home with 2 liter of Coca Cola, a bag of fried chicken tenders, pepperoni, sausage crumbles and a bunch of other crap. WTH? "Well, we haven't started yet!" No we haven't, but how are we ever going to start if he keeps bringing crap like this into the house??? So I said, ONE WEEK, and if it's not gone in one week it's in the trash can. The man cannot stand for ANYTHING to go to waste, so I see a lot of junk food in his future.

So come, follow us on this's sure to be an entertaining one and this is a wonderful way to stay accountable to our pledge. The clock is ticking to his one week deadline! Anyone else want to join us?

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