Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers- The Dazed Edition

Actually, the title should probably be the "dazed and confused" edition...

  • Spring break was just what we needed- fresh air, sunshine, adventure, and back to nature. Ok, maybe a little too much nature for this city girl, but nature nonetheless. It ranged from having a camel in my car, a moose trying to kiss me, a big snake right near our feet in the river, and a precariously teetering (but fun) swinging bridge.

  • Today is my Dad's 60th, so I had his yard "flocked" with flamingos, skel-a-mingos, and tombstones. It was my Mama, however, who surprised me with the text requested for the yard sign: "Shut the flock up- Bob's 60!"

  • Soccer season is in full swing, and as I posted on Facebook the other night, "It must be parent asshat night at youth soccer." You should have heard the parents SCREAMING at their kids. I'm not talking about encouraging shouting, but full out rage screaming- "[Child's Name] YOU DON'T LET ANYONE PAST YOU WITH THAT BALL, DO YOU HEAR ME?" Lady, the whole effin' sports complex can hear you! Were we in an episode of What Would You Do, or maybe The Twilight Zone? And it went like that for the whole game; I had to stifle myself with the parents/grandparents behind me. All I could think was how sad for that kid and would these people please take their obnoxious (Long Island?) accents back to where they came from. Unfortunately, about half of the parents from that team behaved in the same manner. These are a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds, not Manchester United.

  • I pulled the muscles in my lower back, so while I am getting relief, I feel like Molly Ringwald's older sister in 16 Candles. Surely you remember the one, who could hardly function thanks to some good drugs? Oops, is that drool on the keyboard?

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  1. Your reference to 16 Candles made me giggle.

    I bet the camel drool was disgustingly hilarious!