Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thankful for the Basics

There's nothing quite like being shocked back into reality by coming home from a fantastic four days away to a blown Jeep engine, a washing machine that died with a full load in it, and furniture that was not delivered...and now my Keurig is flashing that it needs to be de-scaled (really?). We all have crap we deal with daily, right? So in the spirit of my various travels and trying to see the positive (somewhat difficult in the midst of annoyances)..I am thankful...

- For the ability and resources to purchase a new washer (even if it is on backorder) and that I'm not washing my clothes against a rock in a creek...I repeat this mantra each time I must make a trip to go do laundry, tonight included, after Fudge spilled milk all over the tablecloth. : /

-For my wonderful, eco-friendly Honda Pilot...may Darth Vader have many, many years and joyous miles of adventures ahead. So many do not have shoes, let alone a vehicle, so we'll get past a blown engine. And while I am thinking of it, if you are spring cleaning, please consider taking your shoes to a drop off site for Soles for Souls.

-For a warm bed to tuck Fudge into at night, while so many go without.

-For excellent medical care, even if I think I pay way too much for it. Fudge has ear surgery #3 on the horizon and I'm thankful he is in such caring and capable hands, while many have no access to care.

-For the lovely emails I received from friends after my last post...which surprised me since there were no comments, but lots of love sent my way nonetheless.

It's been an exhausting day, and much to do before I call it a night. Wherever you are, wishing you gratitude, especially for the basics we take for granted.

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