Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers- Get Outta That Funk Edition

It's been a seriously funky week that I am looking forward to putting behind me. Drumroll please, the not so exciting edition of Friday Night Leftovers rolling around in my mind:

  • Anyone else out there politically exhausted? I've spent the last 15+ years identifying as "conservative" and with the slim Republican options these days, I am over it. Seriously, it is causing me to re-think so many things that my head spins. There, I said it- I'm having a political identity crisis...

  • ...which brings me to the news- same drivel, different day. I've taken to getting any world news from the BBC since we cannot seem to cover world events in this country. I also benefit from one of my friends regularly posting (on FB) thought-provoking, debate and essay-ensuing news links. Thanks for keeping the intellectual dialogue alive RK! And thanks to my childhood buddy at River Mud for keeping it real on the environmental front. From the water crisis in India, to the Chesapeake Bay and poaching in MD, he's got you covered.

  • Time to feel human again- cut and color at my favorite salon this afternoon. For locals, you know this means laughing hysterically with Kelley and her non-stop entertainment.

  • Fudge's loft and bottom bunk are finally delivered and set up (that only took 6 weeks : /). Now taking bets on the next ER visit. What's that you say? "Shhhh, don't jinx him!" No chance- Fudge is Fudge. Although, Mitchell, he does take way too keen of an interest in the story of you jumping for the ceiling fan from the top bunk and breaking your arm.

  • I've created a monster- Fudge has visited 17 states, 27 major cities, and 1 foreign country before he turned 7, so I guess it should not surprise me that he's requested returning to Aruba this summer. When I told him no to the happy island this summer, he came back with his next offer: "Oh, ok- I guess you can book Brazil." Where does he get this stuff? Why Brazil? Because one of the little friends he made in Aruba was from Brazil. The fantastic part was watching these kids play and neither shared a common language.

  • We are not going to Brazil, but I did agree to the boy's request for a sunny, warm island. I welcome (read: crave) more international travel as Fudge grows/matures. And how old do they have to be to dive? ;)

  • Spring Break is coming and we're going to create our own "Weird Virginia" tour...Foamhenge, Zebras in the car, George Washington's graffiti. Also planning a day trip to climb Jockey's Ridge if any local friends are interested, but know Fudge will deny it is Jockey's Ridge and inform you he is climbing the Great Pyramids at Giza- just go with it.

Ok, enough randomness. Send some good juju my way to eliminate this feeling of funk...and if you are playing along with FNL, visit Danifred for all of the latest.

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  1. Hope you are getting out of the funk these days! I'm with you on the politics- it's exhausting, no matter which side of the fence you're on.