Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet Surprises

Don't you just love when your child does something completely self-less and sweet? C emptied his piggy bank (all over his bed) this morning, brought all of the change downstairs and proceeded to count coins and divided them into four piles. When I asked what he was doing, C responded, "I want to take M to lunch today at [his favorite place]" He continued to count coins into the four piles and explained one pile was for limeades, one for cheeseburgers, one for french fries, and one for desserts. Then he dumped all of the coins into a zippy bag, asked me to call M's mom for a lunch playdate, and toted his coins out to the car, for our big adventure.

Just when I think he's being selfish, or not listening, or greedy, this shines through and I am so very thankful for the tender heart of my sweet boy. Something else just as sweet? These two have been friends since they started preschool together at age 2 1/2 and their little friendship continues to thrive. And it's interesting to note that her mom and I went to school together and grew up four doors down from each other, so sometimes it's surreal to see these two playing together! A few photos below from our big adventure...

Lunch at their favorite drive-in

Checking out the harbor

Solved the maze and found Posideon

Maze conquerors

We all scream for ice cream! Ok, really, it's frozen yogurt.

Starting the Summer Reading program at the library

Making a map

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