Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- the Saturday Edition

Isn't that just the face of happiness? What a terrific week I've had taking a "stay-cation" with my little guy. So keeping with FNL tradition...

  • Will the projects/needs around this house EVER end? Still overwhelmed.

  • I had a nice week off with C- local farm and history museum, a labyrinth and old time drive in for lunch, visiting a friend in the country, beach, theme park and fireworks, swimming, sleepover, and time with friends.

  • Thankful for my employment, but it's always hard to go back on Monday after a week off.

  • Aruba is about a month away!

  • I gave up all sugar and white flour products...I am feeling great, I am losing weight, but as you can guess, this has not been easy. So far, I am about 2 weeks no sugar and one week no white flour.

  • Looking for a good beach read? Any of Celia Rivenbark's snarky books will do.

  • I need suggestions for good beach reads while on vacation next month.

  • New deck is finished and we need to stain/seal. New windows go in this week!

  • I am crazy enough to be hosting a Pampered Chef party this week...along with everything else on my busy schedule.

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