Friday, March 18, 2011

We All Need Friends Like This...

Last night I was at C's baseball practice and it is a whole new game this year. Gone is the tee to hit from and now it is machine pitch for the 6 year olds. As you can imagine, this is quite an adjustment and none of the kids are adept at getting hits off the machine yet. So, we have many swings and many misses, but the boys are looking better each practice.

It was C's turn at bat and his best buddy was on third waiting for him to get a hit. Two older kids were on the first row of bleachers and started talking some trash about C not getting a hit yet, out of earshot of C, but not out of earshot of his buddy B. I had to stifle myself for a moment, debated saying something to the kids, but then, before I could finish the thought, B stepped off third base and yelled over to the two kids, looked them square in the eye and said:


And wouldn't you know, those two older kids went silent after that. Thank goodness for a 6 year old with enough spirit and courage to do the right thing!

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  1. That just made my heart smile! They sure are good boys...and such good friends! :) My heart smiles again at the fact that I can say that about our whole families! Love you guys!