Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The Grumped Up Version

It's Friday Night Leftovers- but it's only fun if you play along.

- I cannot "find" the FNL image button on this pc this morning.

-Speaking of PCs, I need a new one. The current laptop the hubs and I share is on it's last legs, so no downloading photos (in what seems like ages), and I need to get all of my old photos off. How quickly can that be done with an external hard drive? Need to put my pennies together for a new pc, but it's a little lower on the list these days. Boo.

-The little man lost his third tooth last school...and swallowed it while eating a donut. And of course I'm thinking, "WHAT? He was eating a DONUT?" Kidding, kidding. He wrote a letter to the TF and she still managed to visit him.

-Shout out to my mama- my parents are keeping the little man tonight so the hubs and I can get a night a nice restaurant...with friends. Much needed right now!

-Don't ask about my crying jag over a pair of Elmo swim trunks (hormones, anyone?). On the positive side, after 6 years of not letting a thing go that was C's, I've talked myself into consigning about 1/2 of it. Now in all of my spare time (HA- what is that?) I need to get it all prepped.

-C is healing nicely from his recent injury- what an ordeal. I don't think being a mom gets easier; as he ups the injury ante my heart sinks into my stomach even more. A broken arm- walk in the park compared to splitting his forehead wide open, right near his eye, and requiring 70+ sutures. Anyone have an abundance of bubble wrap I can start using for him? I cannot even begin to describe what it looked liked prior to having surgery to repair, but believe me when I say it looks AMAZING (below) compared to what we started with. Follow up with the plastic surgeon again on 3/21.

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  1. Wow- how scary for you! He definitely needs some bubble wrap.

    I'm also trying to let go of some things and do some consigning. And yes, I've had a few crying jags myself!