Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The Way Too Busy Version

Spring has sprung, and so have our is in full swing, school and church activites have amped up and I am traveling over the next three weeks. I get tired just thinking about all that needs to be done. I am overwhelmed- there, I said it.

Somehow, between traveling for work next week and swinging home for 24 hours before we go on a little vacation, I need to prep a bunch of clothes and toys for a big consignment event. NO TIME, however, I've got to get some of these things out of here or it's going to start looking like an episode of "Hoarders" or "Buried Alive" around here. Mom, if you are reading this, yes, yes, I know it already looks like that.

We are headed down to the beach this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday- looking forward to some R&R and hope I can just enjoy it, not stress about all that still needs to be done.

I am overwhelmed. Oh, did I mention that already?

We celebrated the little man's 6th birthday at school yesterday...sweet. Good "do-over" of what C called "the worst birthday ever."

The home laptop acting funky and me not being able to download pics is getting really old. For Christmas, my brother gave me an IOU for an iPad 2 when they are released- so excited that it was ordered...should be here in late April. So- what apps do you love?

C returned to the plastic surgeon on Monday and he's healing nicely- so that's our big HOORAY for the week.

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  1. I know all about "overwhelmed"! We are a baseball family too. Not looking forward to practice today as it's so cold here...

    Stopping by from FNL:)

  2. Ah yes, overwhelmed, I know it so well. Thankfully we're not into many sports here, but the birthday parties and other obligations keep us plenty busy.

  3. I Danifred i reached this blog by following the links on your previous blogs. I had bee a follower of that blog so was disappointed to see that you discontinued it. But the best part is that you have this blog.

    In my busy Granite Worktops business, your blog is a real mind entertainer. Thanks for sharing.