Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers...the REALLY late version

It's been a crazy busy week- our first full one back from vacation, grandparents visiting, and celebrating my birthday. Woo-hoo! I am reminded how thankful I am for true friends and the love I've been surrounded by during this past week. What a wonderful time it has been! Here are some random, leftover updates:

1. C completely embarrassed me recently when we were having dinner out and a larger man, sitting by himself, had multiple plates of chicken bones around him. As we walked by his table to leave, C announced (innocently), "Wow, that man must like chicken! How many chickens do you think he ate?" To which the man turned and replied "FOUR!" Yikes! C and I had a chat about manners on our way to the car.

2. We recently had the opportunity to hear Joel and Victoria Osteen speak and what a powerful experience it was. I'll make it another post to go into more detail, but what caught me is "what are the weeds in your life?" What do you need to let go of? Great point to ponder.

3. The hubs went all out for my bday celebration...not only are we doing some fishing (you remember, he spilled the beans early on that one), we're also headed down to our favorite beach for a weekend while my parents take C on a trip. Sweet!

4. One of my dearest friends surprised me with a birthday dinner last night...and everything cooked from scratch, clean eating. Wow- I feel loved! We had such a nice time catching up, letting the kids play, etc. that it was one of those evenings where you wanted to linger a little longer around the outdoor fire.

5. We've been asked to join in a wedding in St. Thomas next year! The wedding will be on the island, but as part of a 9 day, island hopping cruise. Sounds good to me! Now I just need a money tree to grow in the backyard, since we're already heading to Aruba for a week.

6. The lake weekend is on....just a few more days to go!

7. I love a good Tyler Perry movie, but even more so than the storyline of overcoming obstacles and brokenness, I love me some MADEA! "Ma to the DEA!" Madea Goes to Jail was on last night and I laughed so hard I thought my sides were going to split. You can see a clip of her here.

8. The sheppy got his sutures out on Saturday; no more cone of shame.

9. The new fish's name is "Nicky-the-Camel" fish. Sometimes it's "Nicky-the-Alligator" fish. As one friend recently pointed out, either way, it sounds like the fish is in the mob. You've heard of made men? We've got a made fish!

10. Looking for a good end-of-summer read? David Baldaci is still fantastic!

11. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean that you SHOULD. Just because you can wear a bikini, doesn't mean that you should. Google "fat woman in bikini" to see that premise in action. Well, just because you can build a mosque near Ground Zero does not mean that you should. Good luck finding the union workers to build it.

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  1. Sounds like you had a ton of birthday fun! Tot has started saying whatever is on her mind lately... asking about people's "fuzzy" hair, if they are having a baby (they aren't) and all sorts of embarrassing things! You never know what you're going to get.