Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

1. My husband is a terrible secret keeper- he just can't do it. True to form, he burst out with telling me my birthday present two nights ago. *Sigh* close!

2. Birthday present totally rocks- going on a fishing trip (yes, that's what I wanted for my birthday).

3. I need a laundry fairy to come help with all of this post-vacation unpacking!

4. "Everybody's talking 'bout a day up at the lake..." Dan Zanes had it right and we are looking forward to a weekend at the lake, with friends that are really more like family to us. The countdown is on...two weeks to go! Mitchell- I'm bringing Cranium because there was nothing like seeing Rudy act out "tornado" and I see some late night fishing in our future.

5. I love that I live in the same neighborhood I've lived in since the 6th grade. Neighbors I've known for 25 years stopped by today to make sure our dog is home and ok, since a GSD was found roaming. There's something to be said for those community connections.

6. Re: the lost dog, there is NO WAY the hubs will go for another sheppy around here.

7. When asked my age, my son says that I am 25...and therefore, he is my hero.

8. My grandparents never miss my birthday; they are arriving from NJ this weekend and Nana will bake my birthday cake. Spoiled lately?

9. It's almost market day and after being on vacation, I cannot wait for the farmer's market and all of that fresh, unprocessed, chemical-free food.

10. When C and his buddy were playing around in the pool and C dunked him, we asked why in the world he did that. To which he replied, "I baptized him! You know, like John baptized Jesus!" We had to ask C to not baptize his friends in the pool.

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  1. I'm a terrible secret keeper too, especially when it comes to other people's gifts!

  2. I love this! Random musings are some of my favorite reading.