Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad Blogger

Yep, that's me, a bad blogger! It's been a bit overwhelming lately keeping up with C and work, let alone, the basics such as the house, laundry, etc. , which still need to get done. The good news is I have a happy, healthy child and work is going well and balanced. The bad news? My house needs a serious cleaning and decluttering! If baby steps count, then let's count that I got the pantry cleaned out today and the grocery shopping done. It's the little victories I have to savor these days!

Spring is in full bloom here and absolutely beautiful! This has inspired me to hopefully turn my black thumb with houseplants into a green thumb. So far, we have 6 new houseplants and they are all still alive and well- yeah! Yes, it is the little things. We are also getting ready to tear off the old deck and replace it with a new one (the work is never done), and this has forced us to look at the backyard with a fresh set of eyes. The bad news? Our huge shed will need to be moved and a small tree taken down. The great news? We think we may have enough sun on one spot to FINALLY plant a garden! So, by summer our goal is a new deck, some grass growing in the backyard, and a veggie garden. To get things started, I planted about 150 seeds in starter packs this weekend...lots of work, but hopefully, full of rewards. My goal is to use some to start our garden and others will be Mother's Day gifts, grown with love. And I'm so excited that my Nana will be visiting for Mother's Day this year, so she can take some plants home for her garden as well.

Photos to come soon; in the meantime, happy spring!

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