Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Tonight's dinner is curry and coconut chicken with rice and Tuscan melon. My son thinks I am out to get him; I think I may be the only one enjoying this dinner, with a glass of wine of course.

Christmas is 47 days away and I already feel "behind."

Vacationing for Thanksgiving is a nice idea, but after cooking a Sunday dinner last night, I called it quits. Actually, I called Fresh Market, and since they are on island, they will be catering my TG dinner.

A split vacation is a concept we are going to test out this year- we'll enjoy 1/2 a week of just me, hubs, and C prior to family chaos arriving and ensuing.

I am packing wine for the trip- lots of it. And my bike. However, I will not be drinking wine on the bike.

During a rousing game of Candyland tonight, my son yells out "AW- THAT SUCKS." Not a proud moment around here, not a word we use. Couldn't get from him where he'd heard that, but I guess it resonated that we don't say it when C asked, "so, is it bad like 'shit'?" Mother.of.the.Year.

I am hosting a baby shower in less than a month- really need to get this place cleaned up and ready to entertain...and the invitations out!

Hoping to get rid of this underlying feeling of intense stress right now!


  1. We won't have to worry about that at our house. There is no chance (I repeat.none.)that Henry will repeat any of his father's (or mother's, for that matter) ill-adjusted juvenile ways.


    And BTW we love the split vacation. Would love to get to the point where family comes to see US on OUR vacation, but in the past we've settled for leaving them mid-holiday and going coastal (usually Charleston). It makes for a nice holiday :)

  2. I actually like a split vacation/ holiday. It's nice to have some down time without all the chaos.

    And, if "sucks" is the worst he says, you're doing pretty great, Mama!