Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rantin' and Ravin'

I'm stepping up on my little soap box to get a few things straight...what a week it's been. If you don't want to read a vent, keep on moving.

1. This is America and we speak ENGLISH, that's right, E-N-G-L-I-S-H. I don't want to push 1, or 2, or 8 to speak to someone who can help me in English. When I go to Kohl's over the weekend and I'm ready to check-out and pay my hard earned $US for whatever it is I am purchasing, I expect the clerk to speak English, not Spanish. And then, to page for assistance over the store PA in Spanish? Ridiculous! Our flaw that is going to come back and bite most of us in the ass is that we've never declared English as the official language of this great nation and I fear the wake-up call for many will come too late, when we're all speaking Spanish to get by. If both sets of my grandparents could immigrate, dirt poor with a flock of kids that rivaled the Duggars, and learn to speak English instead of Italian or Ukranian, I fail to understand why a better educated and more financially secure society fails to do so. It used to be shameful to immigrate and speak your native language and today, it's just en vogue, right along with those anchor babies. In the meantime, my 4-year-old is teaching me Spanish.

2. My liberal friends are convinced that all of this snow across the country points to global warming; they even send me scholarly articles that support this crazy notion. It's snow, it's cold- we're not warming.

3. Taxes- I work in the financial services sector, but not in some make-a-buh-zillion dollars day trader role. My total compensation for the year is based on my peformance and my company's performance, split between salary and a cash bonus paid out in February. Since this is classified as bonus income, almost FIFTY percent of it went to taxes. Ah socialism...how nice that my hard earned dollars can pay for a welfare mama to sit home collecting her WIC and food stamps and Medicaid. Yes, that's harsh, and yes, some people do need assistance, but what about chronic abusers of "the system"? We know a woman who just had another kid on assistance, in her section 8 housing, with all her baby daddies paying child support, WIC and foodstamps buying the food and milk, and driving a newer Cadillac, getting her manicures done, perfect extensions, new cell phone with web services, and the list goes on. I'd LOVE to be home with my son full-time, but you know what, we cannot afford it, so I work. But it's a choice right? Well, it doesn't feel like there is much to choose from. I guess I could stay home full-time if we moved to po-dunks-ville, USA and lived in a trailer, but in this area of the country, Mama is bringin' home the bacon and her roots are showing because those low lights are out of the budget this month.

4. Let me get this straight...I had to be interviewed, my friends interviewed, my vet interviewed, and have two home visits conducted in order to adopt a dog a few years ago. Then I needed a license for the dog, and had to legally sign that if I ever tired of said dog (not a chance!) he was not mine to give away, but would need to be turned back over to the rescue agency...but any old set of idiots can procreate, then abuse, kill, or abandon their child while M and I struggle with infertility. What's up with that?

5. When your husband has a precancerous condition, and you say you are going to call within 7 days to provide biopsy results, and now 21 days have passed and still no call, yes, it's a very safe bet I am pissed and you are going to hear about that. Get over it.

6. I still think the Chinese cheated in the last Olympics, by competing with an underage gymnast, and yes, I still think Obama was born in Kenya and is not legally qualified to serve as Commander in Chief...even I could buy a fake birth certificate from Hawaii. Hope he enjoyed those 29 golf games his first year in office, because no one wants to point out he failed to accomplish ANYTHING, and that's with a congress dominated by his own jackass party.

7. Thank God...thank God I have my faith and I can lay this at His feet.

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