Thursday, February 4, 2010

On the Edge...

We must be on to something big, something wonderful, and something just beyond our grasp, because it has all-out sucked around here lately. Better is in store, right?

Update on M:
Went in for radiofrequency ablation surgery on 1/27 for Barrett's...only the doc ended up not doing the ablation while Mark was under, but re-mapped the entire esophagus and took more biopsies. Results due this week, still no word. As a side note, nothing like driving around a very urban area for almost an hour, with closed streets, one-way, and under construction, to find a parking place. And the two armed guards in the recovery area? Nice touch. Then, this week, his left eye (completely unrelated to Barrett's) completely swelled up...saw an eye specialist and he has an ulcer in his now he is having to put drops and steriods in every hour. Really, we need a break here.

Work has been super, crazy, all-out-chaotic busy. So much so, that I don't want to think about it, write about it, etc. But I will say, something isn't kosher when I've got to spend an entire workday, and evening, on the phone to India to try to fix my work laptop. Note to Fortune 500s- outsourcing your tech support to Asia b/c it is cheaper does not mean it is better.
C- he's an enigma lately. I cannot believe he's turning 5 soon and how rebellious he's become in the past couple of weeks. I now understand why some animals eat their young.

Sadly, our 14 year-old-nephew passed away tragically and unexpectedly on 1/17- there are no words.

So, we're on the edge, but hopefully the good is headed back our way soon. Even in the midst of these trials, I am thankful my husband has one of the top docs in the world treating his condition, I'm thankful we both have jobs in this economy (although, I'd much rather be a SAHM)- it keeps the mortgage paid and the cupboards stocked, and C, well, you know I just love him to pieces, even when he's acting like a nut.

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