Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back on Track

April was my last post? Chalk it up to a busy and fun-filled spring and summer- more on that later. While we were out enjoying it, we certainly did not stay on track with clean eating. As we fall back into a school year routine, I knew I needed to get a handle on meal planning, as church, school, work and soccer leave precious little time for anything else. The solution for us? This is our first week prepping meals ahead of time- take a look:

So, this took some prepping (a lot more than I liked), but it IS saving me time this week. I made 12 jar salads. If this is going to be an every-week thing though, the Hubs has got to help with the weekend prep. The good news is that he's liking the salads, I am liking them along with the ease and convenience and dinner prep is going quickly each night.
Sitting on the soccer field talking with another friend, we were discussing the "rut" we all get into. So, what's cooking with us this week?
Breakfast- choice of egg, steel cut oats with fruit, protein smoothie, or peanut butter on a banana
Lunch- grab a jar salad (Fudge still gets a school lunch packed.) I made southwest, ranch, and greek, all with homemade dressings. Thank you Pinterest.
M- Mahi Mahi burgers and I cannot remember what veggies I served.
T-  Tequila lime shrimp over quinoa, peppers, greens
W- BBQ chicken breast, broccoli, cowboy caviar
R-  Grilled apple-gouda chicken sausage, tomato-eggplant-feta stacks
F-  French onion soup (no bread/no croutons), baked potatoes
S-  Fresh catch and veggies from farmer's market
S-  Balsamic-glazed pork roast, grilled zucchini
I switched to gluten-free early summer and I feel great, but it's not easy. My doc thinks I may have a gluten intolerance, so I'm trying to stick with GF. Since it is restrictive of the things I love (oh bread, how I miss thee), I'm treating myself to a GF cupcake from the farmer's market on Saturday.
Your turn? How are you shaking up the menu these days?

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