Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers...The Grumpy Edition

  • I am grumped much as when I was on fertility drugs (explain that one to me). I need this grumpiness to go away, because frankly, it's pissing me off!

  • Fudge has not missed the bus since I charged him $5 to play taxi. Hmmm...maybe that worked?

  • Soccer, we live at the soccer field these days...three days a week. But I love wathcing Fudge running up and down the field and having a great time.

  • Did I mentioned we got a bird? I caved and let Fudge get a parakeet three weeks ago. It seems sweet, but I am afraid it's going to bite me. Oh, his name is Sir Washington.

  • The school situation is still a mess due to construction delays, so Fudge is one of six classrooms in the gym, or as our neighbor likes to call it: "refugee camp."

  • We are decorating for Halloween this weekend. Finally, because in my book, we are a week late.

  • I have Monday off while the hubs has to work and Fudge has school. So, as much as I "should" be doing something around here, I am giving myself the gift of peace, quiet, a good book, a soft blanket on the couch, and maybe even a nap. Go me!


  1. That day of sounds wonderful! We have all of next week off and am super excited. Dj and I are taking an overnight trip just a few hours north w/out kids next weekend.

  2. Good for you for taking a break! Relax, enjoy!!!
    Tot won't cooperate with the whole organized sports thing, and at times, I really don't care (especially when I hear of others sitting in the rain during games and practice).
    I hope you shape the grumps soon!