Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- I'm BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!

It's been a crazy past four weeks, full of joy and sorrow and a blogging slump. I love writing, so I really do need to make more time to blog, even if just for my own catharsis of having a forum for writing. Here's the latest...

Aruba was AMAZING! Really, my favorite Caribbean island thus far, and I've been to a few. I think our tradition of OBX is on it's way out and Aruba will be on it's way in. My goal is to chronicle our vacation highlights (so I don't forget) and post some pics along with it.

Sadly, my grandmother was killed in a car accident (NJ) while we were in Aruba. We returned home to travel to NJ and say goodbye. Instead of planning the 90th birthday surprise party, the family was planning a funeral. Absolutely heartbreaking. If there's one thing I saw as the entire family came together is that she had a knack for making each and everyone of us feel special- quite an accomplishment when you consider she had more than 55 grandchildren (including great- and great-great)!

Fudge started 1st grade and a huge shout out to the hubs for being super parent while I was in NJ that week.

I am back to being a soccer mom- Fudge swapped out the baseball cleats for soccer this fall and he has not looked back. So, three days a week we are on the field and the first game is tomorrow if we are not rained out.

I did something for myself yesterday- I said YES to an all-day crop next Saturday! Now to get all of those photos printed...I will have a completed album of something yet (said the woman who never got the baby book totally finished).

We've had some parenting revelations around here and cannot wait to share them (separate post, coming soon).

The weekend is off to a good start after this crazy work week: Thai lunch with my mom, volunteering in Fudge's classroom (where one little boy said, "you have awesome, rock-star hair!" ummm,...ok), pizza and a movie with my fellas tonight.

Fudge continues to ask when he's going to get a little the meantime, he did get a bird. Sir Washington the blue parakeet joined our zoo last week.

Ok- your turn!

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  1. Aruba - I will take any vacation, so I'm totally jealous.

    So sorry to hear about your Grandma...prayers for peace.

  2. I love this Jen!! Thanks for sharing, what a great idea;)

  3. Aruba has always sounds just heavenly to me.

    Can't wait to hear about your parenting revelations. I hope you have some good advice because a certain 5 year old in our house is about to make me batty!