Thursday, August 11, 2011

FNL: The Is It Vacation Yet? Edition

What a week...

  • I read these blogs with cute names for everyone, like Danifred's, and nope, we don't have cute here. But we have wild, and smelly, and fearless, and all I'll be referring to C as Fudge from here on. Yes, as in Fudge and Super Fudge. If that doesn't mean something to you, you're probably too young to have your eyes on this blog.

  • Now that I have Fudge, I need moniker suggestions for M. Ideas?

  • Fudge had not one but two hospital visits this week. Stellar. I think my paycheck should just be issued to CHKD for the next few years. Seriously though, thankful for good care.

  • It was around this time 20 years ago that I was returning from volunteering with some awesome folks in a very remote village in the Dominican Republic. When I say remote, I mean no filtered water, tarantulas falling on you in your sleep, riots nearby, and no basic of the most growth-inducing, eye opening, life changing events in my little life up to that point. Go out and do some good.

  • Infertility is still a dirty word around here.

  • Vacation is not a dirty word. Vacation is just around the corner. And after going an entire summer seeing everyone posting their beach pics, I am in countdown mode.

  • I am going to Aruba. No it does not "freak me out" as one person asked me. Crime happens everywhere. Being escorted by armed military officers in the DR freaked me out a little, being burgled in Jamaica freaked me out a little, seeing corruption up close in Mexico freaked me out a little, navigating the streets of Nassau after dark freaked me out a lot. Aruba? Playing it smart and sensible and looking forward to our exploration of "one happy island."

  • Looking forward to a rescheduled date night with the hubs to see The Help.

Ok, here are the FNL rules:

Post all those little items rambling in your head and don't forget to join the party and leave some love on the original FNL at Danifred's site.


  1. Have fun in Aruba! Sounds like you're probably traveled...nothing to be nervous about, right?

    Your Fudge is adorable...I need to reread that's been a while (does that make me young?)!

  2. I can't believe that Fudge had 2 hospital visits in one week! Yikes. Fudge is a perfect name for him though :)