Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers- The Midnight Version

  • IT'S FRIDAY!!! Cannot wait to put this work week behind me.

  • Again, how is C almost 6? The past six years have gone by at warp speed.

  • The great entertainment in our house right now is that we are dog sitting...not just any dog, but a dog that is smaller than my cat. A shi-poo named Coco that maybe weighs all of a pound or two, that the Shep thinks is prey to chase...more interesting to his prey drive than the cat. And I'm just praying it's a very uneventful weekend with three dogs and one cranky old cat who does not appreciate the intruder.

  • C's birthday present is arriving within the next week- a swing set. Really, a beast of a swing set- one that even I can swing on, 6 foot rock wall, fort, enclosed slide. Thank goodness for end of season clearance sales and friends to enjoy it with- the backyard renovation continues, slowly but surely. Now, where to put that zip line? And any bets on our next ER visit?

  • I am still volunteering in the classroom on Friday afternoons, and I just love it. These kids crack me up and it's sweet to see at this age they are all friends and enjoy each others' company.

  • There is a beautiful and fragrant blue hyacinth blooming on my kitchen table and overruling the funky dog smell (despite a bath, Marley still smells like something dead).

  • I'm too exhausted to blog tonight, as evidenced by this post.

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  1. Love the new layout!
    That is one amazing birthday present! I have a feeling someone is going to be beside himself!!!