Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

I always welcome the new year as a way to take stock of the previous year, identify what I'd like to change, and most importantly, to review my personal goals that usually get lost somewhere between mommyhood and career. By now, I've typically taken the time needed to pause and reflect, but like most of 2009, this night is upon me much faster than my brain anticipated. Resolutions sound so strict and perfect...bound to fail. Rather than set myself up for failure, I am setting myself up for success by documenting new habits I'd like to form in this new year:
  1. Start the day with quiet time/prayer/devotion

  2. End the day with quiet time/prayer/devotion

  3. Complete one Bible study per quarter, likely Beth Moore

  4. Become more connected to our church community, perhaps via a small group/stay more connected to my friends

  5. Drink 8+ glasses of water/day

  6. Take my vitamins and meds daily

  7. 10,000+ steps/day

  8. Healthy sleep habits

  9. Healthy eating habits

  10. Healthy spending habits/reduce and eliminate debt

  11. Dare I list it?...A CLEAN, ORGANIZED home

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